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Traffic Litigation FAQs

Traffic Litigation FAQsIt is only a traffic ticket, why not just pay the fine?

The answer depends on many factors. Drivers under the age of 21 may face a different set of rules, as they do in Illinois, where two convictions in a two-year period cause a suspension. Commercial drivers may be endangering their livelihood by pleading guilty: speeding tickets of 15 above the limit are considered SERIOUS and count toward disqualification of a person’s commercial Driver's License (CDL). Others may face an increase in insurance premiums.

Court supervision is a sentence imposed by the court. For traffic cases it usually just means that you pay a higher fine. The result is that no conviction is entered against your record

If you have a Commercial Driver's License, then you probably will not be well served to accept court supervision.

The statute provides that a person 21 or older may receive supervision twice in one year and that drivers under 21 may only receive supervision one time. Some Illinois counties do not allow more than one court supervision per year, no matter the age.

Some courts require traffic safety school attendance as part of court supervision. It is usually required for drivers under the age of 21; however some counties do not enforce the rule.

Usually no. Most Missouri courts will agree to amend tickets to avoid a conviction, but many counties will not.

Convictions for certain more serious offenses, such as driving while suspended, will cause a suspension. Most simple traffic violations, however, would require either two convictions if the driver is under the age of 21 or three convictions if 21 or older

The answer depends on the seriousness of the offenses. A suspension for speeding 95 miles per hour (mph) in a 65 mph zone will result in a much longer suspension than for two convictions for speeding 73 mph in a 65 mph zone.

You may be eligible to have a conviction removed from your record. Doing so may even remove a resulting suspension. Doing so could mean a reduction in your insurance payments.

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”Todd Taplin is a wonderful defense attorney! He was there when I needed him. He's trustworthy and loyal. His rates are affordable and his service is top notch. He got me a nearly impossible deal. I would recommend his service to anyone who needed it. If I ever have any other problems that would need an attorney, he would be the one.”


”I had never used a traffic ticket lawyer before and was very pleasantly surprised with the results. Todd Taplin got my speeding ticket dismissed altogether and saved me hundreds of dollars! As a bonus, I did not have to take off from work to go to court."


”Todd has always taken care of me! I spent a lot of money with him, but that was because of my own foolish mistakes, but it was worth it. One time I had a warrant pop up I knew nothing about and he called me personally and told me to stay in the house for the weekend. He’ll have it taken care of by Monday and sure enough it was squashed without even turning myself in. He also represented me on Reckless Driving Charges, DUI, and more, and the outcome was always good with him on my side. All in all a great lawyer and cares about his clients.”


”Mr Taplin was an excellent asset to me and my husband during a very trying time! He was affordable and worth the money. He got all of my husbands charges dismissed in a timely manner. He was always very open and communicated exactly what we could expect. If you need a lawyer then I highly recommend Todd Taplin. If we ever need a lawyer in the future there is nowhere else we would go. Thank you Mr Taplin for everything you did for us!"


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