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Taplin is licensed to handle traffic cases in Missouri and Illinois, and has a Spanish interpreter available. 

Taplin Defense Firm can help protect your rights, your driver's license and your future.  We concentrate in Criminal, DUI and Traffic ticket defense in Illinois and the St. Louis metropolitan region.  Expect affordable, competent legal representation from a name you can trust. 

Is an old arrest or conviction keeping you from getting the job that you want?  Are you worried that an arrest from years ago will affect your future.  If so, do something about it:  have Taplin Defense Firm expunge it or seal it. 


Illinois law allows for the expungement of arrest records when the criminal case ends without a conviction being entered.  People who are sentenced to Court Supervision in Illinois, therefore, may be eligible to have all records of the event obliterated so that an employer using a background checker will never find it. Certain offenses such as DUIs and most traffic offenses, however, are not eligible for expungement.  Drug arrests that do not result in a conviction are usually eligible for expungement.


For people convicted of certain low-level offenses, Illinois law allows for the sealing of the arrest and conviction. The effect is the same as that of an expungement, but when a record is sealed the law enforcement agency retains the records on file.  Convictions for crimes of violence and sex crimes cannot be sealed.


For both expungement's and sealing of records ordered by the Court, the statute requires the Circuit Clerk, the Arresting Agency, and the Illinois State Police to answer all inquiries by background checkers as though no record ever existed.


If you have been arrested and are eligible for an expungement or sealing of the record, you should take action to protect your future from the mistakes of the past.  Call Taplin Defense Firm at (618) 288-1111 today.


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 Expunging and Sealing Arrest Records

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